For a while, I’ve been battling with my skin …I’ve tried tons of facial and skin scrubs and none of them worked… They either made my skin worse or didn’t do anything at all… I’d literally given up on scrubs until my close friend @adaezeunique introduced me to “TAMARA SKIN GRAPEFRUIT FOAMING BODY SCRUB” believe me guys this scrub is everything… I’ve improved so much. The glow the scrub gives your skin is amazing… Tamara also has a clay mask I’d try that pretty soon.
Y’all should give the product a try.


Just want to rave so much about your scrub again and again… I have purchased over ten packs from @poise since the last time I got from you…. I really love it…. it’s my best so far… my skin looks clean and much healthier.
They must know my husband at the mall by now i’m always sending him on a goose chase for 500g TAMARA BODY SCRUB.
Well-done girl… keep it up!


Just had my bath…the fragrance of the body scrub is 2nd to non…if one is not careful the scrub will finish in no time “so tempted” also I like how my body feels afterwards.


I woke up on the right side today, so I FINALLY decided to share my top 2 beauty secrets @TAMARASKINEXPERT “grapefruit body scrub and glow oil” nothing gives me SKINFIDENCE like these two. This is not a paid post so i” m not about to say much, try them and thank me later.


Hey there! Are you looking forward to getting a clearer skin on a budget? If yes, then consider this range. I’ve been enjoying this product so much that I have to share… This bad boy leaves your skin smooth and soft (trust me) it helps tackle acne and great for all skin types.


@TAMARASKINEXPERT GLOW OIL will whoa you… and the body scrub, hmmm just buy and see for yourself.


“Literally the best product I’ve ever used”, There’s a great difference in my skin tone.


Love it….
After only four uses it has literally deep cleansed and tighten my pores, I will recommend this product to anyone looking to achieve a clearer skin tone.


Tamara grapefruit body scrub smells divine; it had got to be one of my favorite scent from the brand. It leaves my skin soft and supple. It doesn’t irritate in any way Absolutely love it.
Tamara product line is amazing. I highly recommend you try it.


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