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Services - Body Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

With the use of different techniques and specially formulated blended oils. We design our treatment to help reduce stress, anxiety, muscle tension and back pain. Our blended oil helps to transfer heat by stimulating the flow of blood which helps improve oxygenation of the skin, melts fats and gives you instant relieve.

Treatment Time: 1 hour
Price: ₦10,000

Deep Tissue Massage (Hot Stone)

Massage treatment incorporating different techniques design to aid bloating, relieve tense muscle, and relieve stress, deep relaxation, and stimulation of lymph flow. 

The treatment uses a specially formulated blended oils to transfer heat, stimulate the blood flow which helps improve oxygenation of the skin, melts fats and relieve tense muscle for instant relieve.

Treatment Time: 1 hour
Price: ₦10,000

Hamman Bath

Our nicely selected aromatherapy essential oil relaxes, soothes, refreshes and stimulates you.

Our Moroccan clay contains silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It deeply cleanses you, cleans clogged pores, tighten skin to reveal a younger body glowing skin tone.

Our black Moroccan soap is a natural richly formulated soap suitable for all skin type. It deeply cleans; exfoliate leaving a radiant glowing skin. 

Our argan oil helps to balance and seal moisture while you also benefit from its other healing and restoring purpose.
Treatment Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: ₦15,000

Egyptian Bath

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. If you truly want to have a youthful and beautiful skin, milk and honey benefits cannot be left out of your skin care routine.

Cleopatra was well known for her ageless beauty and her skin care routine, which consist of daily bath of lactic acid (milk), which is part of the alpha hydroxyl family. It deeply exfoliates to reveal a new skin. Daily use of lactic acid and honey nourishes your skin, lightens and gives you a youthful glow.

Our Egyptian bath is designed to give you instant wellness and a glowing look. We combine massage therapy to further enhance and compliment the treatment.
Treatment Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: ₦15,000


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