This is a question that is often asked by our clients. Well, my tutor told me that the skin has a 28 days renewal cell cycle and that it is advisable to do facial once a month.

Tamara Thoughts

You need a facial once a month if not more than, if your skin has acne that needs to be treated, marks that needs to be faded, skin conditions that needs to be corrected.
But if you have a normal skin condition:
• You could still do every month if you want an expert to care for your skin
• Stress release
• Pamper session (me time)
• Chemical peel Or You could do it every other month. It all depends on what you want.Lastly, Putting your face in the hands of well-trained professional to help you personalise your skincare needs which will do a lot of wonders for your skin at the long run.

Our Basic facial procedure

• Cleanse
• Tone
• Skin analysis
• Exfoliation (a mild peel, microdermabrasion)
• Steam
• Extraction (if necessary)
• Massage
• Treatment Mask

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  1. Suzan Hart Kuku

    I find the above information very useful. I look forward to having a personalized skincare routine at Tamara’s.

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