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Tamara affiliates is a program that allows you (an associate) to get 10% advertising fee on our sales simply for telling people about our products or website while the people you tell about our website get 5% discount on their purchase.

When an associate share our links with others, and it leads to a sale of Tamara products, the associate earns an advertising fee of 10% per sale (Your advertising fee will not exceed ₦5,000.00 per sale). It’s free to join and easy to use. See the Affiliates Program Operating Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

Simple Advertising Tools: You don’t need to be a webmaster or developer to earn from the affiliate program. Simply cut-and-paste your affiliate link on social media, your blog, your whatsapp, your website e.t.c.

Detailed Reporting: Tamara provides detailed reports to help you monitor and improve your earnings over time.

You can choose several ways to use’s affiliate. You can use your global affiliate link, use a product affiliate link, category affiliate link or search-results affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the customer buys a different product from the product I linked to?

Once a customer visits using your affiliate link, you will get an advertising fee on the total sale. That means you will get an advertising fee of 10% on all the products purchased for that session (Not more than ₦5,000.00 advertising fee per sale). It does not matter which product is bought, you get paid

How much discount will the customer get for using my link?

No. Once a customer visits with your link and makes a purchase, the customer gets 5% discount while you get 10% advertising fee (Not more than ₦5,000.00 advertising fee per sale). The customer discount is separate from your advertising fee.

Do I need to use a special website page in order to earn advertising fees for a qualifying Tamara purchases?

No specific landing pages required. You can share your links via blogs, social media, chats e.t.c. No spamming. Spammers will be banned from the Affiliate program.

What if the customer does not register?

You will earn advertising fee on all purchases based on your links. Whether the customer signs up or orders as a guest. As long as it’s a sale.

How long will I keep earning advertising fee for?

You will keep earning advertising fee for as long as your links are used to refer buying customers to

How do I get paid?

Your advertising fees are credited to your Tamara wallet. You can use it to buy our products or withdraw into your bank account

How much discount will the customer get for using my link?

Each customer will get 5% discount on their total order value for using your affiliate link. The discount will be displayed on the checkout page and deducted from their total products price.

When do I get paid?

Your Tamara wallet gets credited automatically with your earned advertising fee once the product sold through your link has been delivered. You can login at any time to request a withdrawal into your bank Account. Withdrawal requests are paid once a month.

Can I withdraw my earnings?

Yes. You can withdraw into a Nigerian Bank Account

What is the maximum I can earn in a day?

There is no maximum per day or per hour or per month. There is maximum of ₦5,000.00 which applies to a product or group of products a customer buys at once by coming from your link. If the customer or another customer clicks on your link again and makes a purchase, It’s a different sale and this different sale also has a maximum of ₦5,000.00 advertising fee.

How do I Join?

Register for a here. Login and click on the Associates Button (On your Dashboard) to join.

How do I get my affiliate link?

Login and click on the Associates Button (On your Dashboard). Your links are on the Associates Page.

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