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You’ve come to the right place if what you desire is to take care of your skin from inside out through a holistic approach to achieve a healthy glow.

My name is Ejiro Abiaziem. I’m a married mum with kids,I’m a Licensed Chemist and also a Certified Esthetician (London School of Beauty and Makeup) with 7 years spa experience.

My love for holistic approach to skincare started at an early age of 15, Unknown to my parents, I was then sending applications to top schools in the UK for admission into their institution to study (esthetician). Although, I did not have the resources to fund my education, still my dreams were big and I was determined to achieve them. Even though I got several replies from the schools I applied to,it took another 15 years for me to gain an admission into the renowned London School of Beauty

My passion is to blend luxurious skincare product that truly work without fillers. In addition, I consistently update my knowledge in the beauty industry to provide you with the best and latest proven and tested methods to help solve your skincare challenges in a healthy way

At Tamara home of beauty we believe that in other to achieve a healthy glow you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a small tube of cream or use harmful chemicals on your skin. A Healthy glow starts from a healthy lifestyle, which must includes a nutritional diet! You can choose how you age by using freshly prepared skincare products that are made with A high quality ingredient that truly works and are sourced locally and around the world to ensure you get the best.

We understand not all skin challenges are the same, which is why we customize our products and services to suit each client’s skincare needs.
Stay with me and you’re guaranteed of a natural glow that will single you out from the crowd

PS: Am passionate about what goes into your skin

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