About Tamara

Clear skin shouldn’t be a struggle!

I’ve been opportune to work on different skin types, saw first hand how acne, pigmentation and other skin challenges affect client’s mental state.

The products I used were not always available, and some products don’t WORK because they’re not designed for our skin type


CONSISTENCY was a challenge.

“I had to do something.”

I’m Ejiro Abiaziem founder of Tamara skin-care where I created a product system that helps you maintain and achieve a clearer healthy skin that gets friends and family begging to let in on your SECRET.

Today, Our product line is being used in some part of the world (Africa, UK, US, Dubai) to help African Skin like you who’s tired of product that don’t work and wasn’t created specifically for their skin type, get solutions for their skin

I’m a trained skin-care expert, Chemist and Cosmetic Formulator. Yet, the real reason I’ve been able to assist my client on their skin-care journey is because I understand the struggle to get the right product for your skin type.

The digital street is talking; here’s what few of my adorable clients had to say about our products.



“For a while, I’ve been battling with my skin. I’ve tried tons of facial and skin scrubs. None of them worked they either made my skin worse or didn’t do anything at all I’d literally given up on scrubs until my close friend @adaezeunique introduced me to “TAMARA GRAPEFRUIT FOAMING BODY SCRUB” believe me guys this scrub is everything… I’ve improved so much. The glow it gives your skin is fantastic. They also have a clay mask. I’d try that pretty soon. Y’all should try it”


“Hey there! Are you looking forward to getting a clearer skin on a budget? If yes, then consider this range. I’ve been enjoying this product so much that I have to share this bad boy leaves your skin smooth and soft (trust me) it helps tackle acne and great for all skin types”

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